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Your video CAMERAS can DETECT GUNS on your properties with Gunsighter

Intelligent Video Surveillance

Who are we
The Real Story

The debate is over.

It IS the guns AND the people who use them. Guns don't kill people, people kill people, WITH GUNS. Gunsighter is a tool to help identify who is using guns and where. Gunsighter can help focus resources and efforts on the people and places where gun violence could be brewing.

Our Vision

As part of the Security Solutions Network, Gunsighter is committed to reducing gun violence and increasing the number of safe affordable apartment communities in the Greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. 

The Technology

Train a high-end NVIDIA video card to recognize the image of a gun on the video stream from an existing surveillance camera, and you have the Gunsighter. system. While there is MUCH more to it than that, you get the basic idea.

How it works

How it works

Each fatal shooting costs D.C. more than $1.5 million, study says

A report commissioned by Peace for D.C. found gun violence in the city cost taxpayers $1 billion in 2021 alone

By Emily Davies, Washington Post

April 29, 2022 at 6:17 p.m. EDT

Pittsburgh’s ShotSpotter data shows first responders were able to help victims even when 911 wasn’t called

 HALLIE LAUER Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

June 15, 2021 

Fast & Flexible

Smart Setup

Gunsighter can interface directly with IP cameras which are compliant with the ONVIF standard or which offer standard RTSP feeds. Select which cameras will run Gunsighter and connect with our remote servers to activate the system.

Gunsighter works like a smoke alarm- where detections can occur even when no shots are fired and/or no gun incident is reported.


Gunsighter is a subscription service with a flat monthly fee per camera and no long term commitments. Choose from a menu of notification and reporting options for scalable responses and follow-up to a confirmed-positive gun detection.

As a detector for the presence of firearms and an early warning system for the potential for gun crime and violence on your properties, the system has no equal.

Suspects out on bail not saying much after police seize 79 guns from Middletown apartment

Laura Damon

Newport Daily News

Published 4:00 am ET April 12, 2022

A majority of D.C.'s gun violence is driven by a small number of people, study says

February 21, 2022

Jenny Gathright


WAMU 88.5

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